Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A fresh piece of paper, a fresh start

Welcome to my online journal/ blog 3.0 ... of course I realize I'm alone, but that's ok they know me here :-P lol.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my maternal grandma's closet, stocked to the brim of every fabric & ribbon imaginable.  You could find practically anything you wanted in there from material to make a stuffed dog to a doll dress or comfy set of pajamas.  My grandpa would tease that there was no way she could ever use it all & she admitted that this was likely true but how could she pass up a beautiful fabric much less a good sale?  As I get older I find myself becoming more like her (which is a good thing, hopefully I continue to self-improve!) in many ways but notably in my craft collections - however, my addiction is not fabric but paper.  It doesn't matter how much I already have or how little time I actually have to use them; I always find new beautiful papers that are just begging to become part of a creation.  But in the last few years with other costs to contend with I've had to limit my paper expenditures to only the projects I know will be done. 

A few weeks ago I was in A.C. Moore looking for paper to complete our Disney 2012 scrapbook when I saw the most gorgeous yellow flowered paper that looked like a quilt my Grandma would make & beside it was with "old world charm" - love at first sight!.  What I would do with these two I had no idea but they were too perfect to pass up & part of a 60% sale to boot!  Turned out a serendipitous purchase because just a few days later I received distressing news from my mom regarding my grandma.  As I put down the phone I saw these papers out of the corner of my eye & knew that this was why they called out to me, yellow is her favorite color & the patterns so strongly reminded me of her.  Card-making usually is difficult for me since I'm accustomed to 12 x 12 layouts but this one came together so easily I almost felt controlled by a force outside my physical being.  To reinforce the quilting image I stitched around a few flowers & ground it with a contrasting pattern (like a border around quilting squares) & then topped it off with the "old-world" girl & ink-edged letters.  It definitely rates in my top 5 crafts of all time :-)

Now of course a crafting project that makes me happy is all well & good but of course it was for my grandma & her opinion was all that really mattered.  And I was little nervous sending it off to be honest, first because it seemed like such a little thing compared to what she was facing & two because she is a marvelously talented crafter that my efforts always seem juvenile in comparison.  But as it turns she caught on to the references & LOVED it (in my mom's phrasing), it made her day just like I hoped it would. 

Her reaction is why I love to craft for other people, I can touch a part of their heart that I just can't access through traditional social engagements.  Nearing 30 I'm still awkward in day to day conversations, still horrible at telephone conversations (unless I have something in particular to say) & still don't play emotive 'games' very well but a well crafted layout or card can speak volumes for me :-).

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