Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Keeping busy

Blessed with (mostly) well-behaved kids who (mostly) entertain themselves lately, I've been able to work in a lot of crafting time. And when I say "a lot" I mean more then the last 3 years combined!  I've made 6 cards for various purposes & nearly finished the Disney 2012 album, only 4 left!  Forget runner's high - I'm on a crafting high :-D (...and no not from sniffing the glue :-P).

There are projects like Winnie-the-Pooh or awhile ago Rapunzel that are perfect for preserving the moment at hand or personality of the individual and I LOVE them for that.  But every once in awhile the stars align & upon project completion I look at it and it almost glows ( I swear not sniffing anything!).  It glows because it doesn't just preserve the story or the person in the picture but the whole end product is greater then the sum of it's part.  In truth this is what all scrapbookers/ crafters want out of every project but I find it a very hard thing to achieve.  Quite likely because -as John & anyone else who knows me will say - I'm my own worst critic, convinced that everything I do is flawed in some extent and will never come close to another's work.  Yes I know, I should take self esteem 101 - but that's why the "stars align" moments are so special :-)

This is yet another installment in Disney 2012, and another of Dillon and of course it has a story.  John & I got our wires crossed, so we ended up with an extra FastPass to the Princess Royal Court and figured why waste it.  So John went in with him but the poor boy was more unsure of the princesses then the furry characters!  He wouldn't even reach out to them but he still enchanted the ladies & Princess Aurora awarded him with his first kiss!
 I wanted this page to have a "royal" look while not being covered in princesses, castles, pink etc...after all this is about a boy and John would likely shoot me anyways :-P.

So I found this black & ivory diamond paper that (to me) looks regal but wasn't sure how to put it all together
 until I got the Box of Scrap.  The Echo Park "Times & Seasons" paper was the perfect complement.

^^I think the fussy cutting along the bottom came out nice too ;-)

 A zoom in of the details: Popped the title up & made a rosette out of a scrap.  I couldn't make a lot about royalty without a crown at least but I didn't have the right embellishment...because me & Mr. Cricut were having an argument that day.  So I cut a crown out of Disney Princess patterned paper, inked it in silver * covered it with silver embossing powder & viola! the perfect touch :-D
Ahh I just simply love that ^^ layout, even John said "now that I love!" when I should it to him and again he's a man that doesn't care about this stuff as much so I know it made an impression on him!  Maybe it wouldn't win any competitions but it's a favorite in my book (no pun intended!) :-)

So being blessed with time on my hands (*gasp*) & riding high off my love for that layout, I decided to make another card.  Now like I said I've made several lately out of need but I don't really like card making.  My skills in 12 x 12 format never seem to shrink down very well ...or at least to my way of thinking (now about that class *sigh*).  Anyways I picked up a Jolee embellishment pack @ Target on clearance & the colors reminded me of - you guessed it products from the Box of Scrap - Bright Side by Lawn Fawn to be exact :-P.  This was also a case of simple techniques & arrangement for big bang; layered 3 different BS papers (each with a different border cut) , topped with 2 layer BS square & embellishments, lettering from BS & layered two embellishments to make bird.

 After the front turned out so nice, I couldn't see do just a basic greeting & signature inside.  So I watermarked a picture of my Grandma that I love - first time she held Dillon (first great-grandson).  And over the top quote from Judy Garland "“For it was not into my ear you whispered but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” .  Then printed it onto vellum to maintain that ethereal look.  A small heart from same collection & sign with vellum pen and DONE! :-)

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