Friday, February 28, 2014

Crafty fun with really bad lighting

As you have probably noticed, our house has really bad lighting it's either way too bright (yay Florida sunshine!) or there's none, so most indoor pictures come out quite badly.  But oh well I've never professed to be a master photographer or even particularly "artsy" so my badly lit snapshots will just have to do :-p

I mention this because below are some of my favorite projects ever but captured by some of the worst photographs ever because all taken on no light-stormy days.  And they were all gifts so not like I could just re-photograph on a better light day you'll just have to take my word that the colors are much more vibrant in person, sorry about that.

First off is a new baby present for Erin's teacher; which for some really strange reason Blogger insists on uploading upside down *sigh*)

 This was fun because I wanted it to match the style & colors of their nursery.  As you can tell the colors are pink & grey, & Erin's teacher said that she's into the "Shabby Chic" style which is almost complete opposite of my own style.  I was thinking of how to do this when I got the perfect paper set made by Pink Paislee in a Box of Scrap (compliments of my dear hubby :-D ) - all in shades of pinks & greys with a shabby slight Parisian country look to them, what serendipity!  The paper lace doily in the upper (err lower) corner is fussy cut from one sheet & the other papers are simple rectangles layered.  The ribbon is Tim Holtz crinkle ribbon dyed with peach & primrose Color Shine then crumpled up while wet.  I added a Victorian-esque metal charm to visually anchor the ribbon opposite the paper & tweed flowers.  And nothing for little girls is complete without a little bling that came in the form of rhinestone swirls & glittered letters.  ... Extra fact the title was originally going to be "A daughter is a gift of love" but it wouldn't fit on the 8 x 10 page :-p

Then I remembered that the hardest part of a first baby isn't the sleepless nights, it's all the "thank-you's" you have to send out or you feel like a total heel (even though you rationally know people would understand!).  So I decided to make some pre-made Thank-You cards as well, but I only had 2 days left so I made it easy on myself & used Monday Craft Madness #7 card sketches as the blueprint to design.

The not pictured envelopes are boring, just plain grey cardstock, but I did make some custom monogram seals to go with them.  "S" is the first letter of the little girl's name, filled the letter with soft grey dots on pink background (isn't the print & cut feature of Silhouette awesome?!)

Now you'd think that's it correct? - Well the cards have to be stored somewhere until ready to be used!  So I made a little canvas tote bag to put them in.  Cut a stencil & inked the design on the canvas, once dried hot glued fabric flowers on.  I like this because it can be used after the cards are gone!  Even better Erin's teacher loved them & said the colors/ style were spot on - SCORE :-D

Next is a birthday card for a friend's son, he loves Spider-man but I see to reason to buy what I can make.  So I looked online, found a free spider-man coloring page, imported it into design studio, resized, traced the main design, separated it from the background & viola a spiderman ready to be cut.  Then cut out some spiderweb & attached it to a plain red card base.  Finally I altered a speech bubble, using Comic Sans font, so that his favorite hero could deliver the message.

And finally a mini chevron album for the above mentioned friend, the cut design is from the Silhouette design studio. The paper & embellishments here are Pebbles Family Ties & from the same Box of Scrap mentioned above.  Since it's so small, I kept the layout design very simple so as not to overwhelm any pictures she may want to put in.

It's 5 designed pages in total, but I was interrupted photographing it with the needs of the minions :-P, but you can see a peek of the other papers in the corner.  Honestly I wasn't sure of this paper collection at first but by the time I was finished I feel in love.  My favorite by far is the cover, with butterflies half cut out of the paper & backed by a coordinating paper.  Originally I wanted that really subtle look but then decided the butterflies needed more definition brought by some added vellum.  The title is cut from Silhouette's new corrugated paper & came out quite nicely I think.

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