Thursday, April 24, 2014

Erin's Room & Monday Craft Madness

I've been waiting & waiting & waiting to show Erin's re-finished room because I didn't want messy room pictures.  I mean there's "real life pictures" & then there's 'which hurricane did you get hit by? pictures' but I suppose it's about as clean as a 6 year old's room ever will be.  Plus since I will not have spare time this weekend, the projects in it give me a chance to enter Monday Craft Madness with the artwork [theme "Family"]

I painted Erin's room when we first moved in 2011 but (a) it wasn't exactly to her her royal highness' specifications - I tried but ended up simpler then she wanted and (b) due to the original paint underneath it almost immediately began peeling up - yes I prepped the walls & used primer but still.  I thought I had pictures of the original room but oh well - it was 3 shades of purple with stenciled cats all around.  My original paint job was basic stripes because it was easy:

The peeling up became so bad that I was afraid of that the toddler or pup would eat the paint chips, so I bit the bullet & painted it again.  In the time since doing her room originally I traded in my Cricut for my Silhouette which made it really easy to make different sized stencils for her beloved polka dots. On a unfortunate note the paint we originally used (Disney by Behr) is no longer made& due to some sort of copyright loophole Home Depot couldn't color match it exactly.  The result being I changed the color shades entirely (but still in the same color family), luckily she didn't seem to mind - especially since I let them "help" :-P

After awhile, Dillon (just turned 3) became really quiet & you know what they say about quiet toddlers! So I go over to look & he's fixating really hard on the wall, when asked what he's doing "I making letters!!".  You can see an 'A' & an 'e', there was also a 'D' & 'r' but he covered them up by the time I got the camera :-P

He was quite proud of himself :-D

5 months later here's the final product, with a little boy who just had to sneak in!  I have to say Erin was correct nearly 3 yrs ago, the polka dots look so much better then the stripes & so much more "her" ;-)

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my Silhouette?!  I was finally able to do all the projects I originally wanted to do when she was first born.  Of course the colors & subject matter changed from my ideas 6.5 years ago ;-), but that's ok they're for her not me & they most certainly scream her now!  Of all a parent's hopes & dreams, the biggest one has to be for their child to always know they're loved & supported - I hope she can always look to these & know without a doubt it's true.

Erin loves owls & being outside so I wanted a rustic, natural look, I bought a wood panel frame & very lightly painted an abstract "woodsy" scene (sky, rolling hills, trees).  But it was too rustic looking, like something out of a log cabin & looked awful against her wall.  To make matters worse when I put the owl (smaller then this one) & phrase on it all became too busy.  After sitting frustrated for a week, I decided to go back to basics & whitewashed the whole thing to create a clean slate.  Then I applied a very light alcohol stain (tinted pink) to it & painted silvery blue over that with a dry brush.  The end result is much more fitting to the overall room design while still having a natural look & in person you can see the wood grain.  The branch design is an Echo Park file that I cut of adhesive vinyl, the owl is layered cardstock sealed with Mod Podge (a Studio Illustrado file), the flower is made of fabric with a button center.  For the phrase I designed a stencil using Lori Whitlock's 'Lovely Day' font & used leftover wall paint.  I love replacing words with symbols & wanted something special for the heart; I opened a basic heart shape in Studio & filled it in with a multi-colored love pattern.  Then I used Silhouette's "print & cut" feature to cut it out on cardstock & added it on with Mod Podge.

A view of the other side of the room:

We were at Michael's one day awhile ago & Erin fell in love with owl paper but I had no need of it so I told her to put it back.  Then as I was rethinking framed art for her room I realized it was perfect.  I made a simple background collage of the three different shimmery, glittery papers.  I bought the vinyl starter kit just for this phrase because it's perfect for her; cut it out of pink vinyl & applied it directly to the glass.

Like I said, my girl is obsessed with polka dots so when I saw this circle frame @ Target I knew she'd love it.  Trouble was the black clashed horribly with the walls so I spray painted it silver ;-).  I filled it with some of her favorite photos (2 haven't been printed out yet) along with more of that owl paper & big soccer ball patch.  Once I put in the two final pictures it'll hang on her wall.  

What girl doesn't have a ton of accessories?  I feel like I'm fighting a constant war because she did not inherit my sense of organization.  So far these bins have helped me win a battle or two if not the war.  When I first bought them she cried (literally) because they were boring & ugly & would just ruin her room - oh my! How could I be such a cruel mother to make my only daughter have utilitarian items! .  I reminded her that we could very simply personalize them, a few foam circle dabbers & few bottles of fabric paint later she was a happy camper. 

A close view of the wall, after the polka dots dried I applied a top coat of Disney Confetti Sparkle per her request & ended up loving it.  Even when I go into to her to discipline I have to smile a little bit at the sparkly walls - it such a girly design without being for just little girls.  I can easily see her enjoying this for years to come & it hasn't peeled up yet ;-).

A look at my kid's room isn't complete without a look at their quilts, my grandma made all of them.  If I can ever develop into half the artisan she is I'll be a lucky woman indeed.

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