Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mid-Week Mojo Daisy #1 last post to round out the day, since I knew I was not at all likely going to have spare time this weekend I completed sketch #1 of the Daisy series tonight.  The sketch is here & my interpretation:

This is one of those that started out simple - mostly because it had been a long day & I didn't have a lot of energy - but once I got started it became more & more complicated.  Going completely out of my style recently (with the teacher projects) has really pushed me to change up my own style & try new things.  So this is a lot more complicated then I would've done probably even 6 months ago ... maybe it's too complicated/ busy...but it looks a lot busier in the photo then it does in person, I think because you can't see the depth.  One day I'll learn to take better pictures of my projects... Sorry, rambling it's definitely getting late!  Anyways I started with just the core of the sketch, basic paper layering & the cork circles off to the side.  Then the photo overlays from Crate Paper caught my eye, the bluish-brown one looked neat on this photo of us at St. Thomas Harbor .. I just realized I left location & date off oy :-/.  The bluish tint of the overlay made me want to add more blue elements to play off the red so I fussy cut some wave paper to mat the photo & overlay on.  Since we were at a harbor & my darling hubby is a sailor I had to add an anchor in ;-), to help it stand off the page I tucked a small piece of tropical flower behind it.  Then (I'm not sure why) it seemed like the red waves needed to be filled in so I doodled on those as well.  

Finally I took my title piece - a wood chip tag - inked & propped it up on pop dots.  But the ink was a little too stark & competed with the dark border of the overlay.  At this point I sat & stared at the page for awhile until I remember I had translucent pearl powder within teacher.  Since the tag was already attached I applied the perfect medium with a wet brush then added some amounts of the rust colored powder until I achieved this reddish-brown border that works better with the color scheme.  As an added bonus in real life it has the shimmery quality from the powder. 

All in all, I'm not sure yet if this is one of my favorite pages but after a long day it was fun to truly let loose creatively & not allow myself to analyze every move or over think (too much ;-) ). As a final note, 2 weeks ago I won Rose #8 @ ScrapbookSteals & finally received my prize today & man I was surprised by how much (neat!) "swag" was in the box!  I really look forward to dig into the different materials but good night for now :-)

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