Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mid-Week Mojo Daisy #4 has been one of those that makes you wonder why you do this whole parenting thing in the first place & you really have to remind yourself of things that make you smile.

Since Erin is in school, I told Dillon to play in his room most of the day for my own sanity :-P - the advantage of this being I could do Daisy sketch #4 once it was posted this morning...

I kept the colors somewhat muted to not overshadow the pictures; you also may notice that I eliminated the bottom horizontal piece from the sketch - I originally had it there but it made the whole layout too busy.  For the top piece I had originally tried a new stamping technique I learned (stamp into barely wet spackle & then color with alcohol ink), but once again it was just too busy & distracting so I'll have to try it on something else ;-).  The title card is embossed with zig-zags in gold shimmer for that all important shimmer factor.

Most of my past week has been taken up in trying to complete an album for my mother (yes late as usual) that will hopefully be done soon but until then here's a sneak peek:

And speaking of sneak peeks, Jennifer Boles, the photographer that did pictures for Erin's dance school this year sent us the proof (all rights retained by the original photographer - Jennifer Boles).  I - of course - think she's beautiful & sweet as can be here (a good reminder on days like today!).  Little Miss fought me hard on her make-up for this shoot, insisting that I was making her look terrible but immediately ate her own words when she saw the proof - haha vindicated! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Daisy #3

Mid-Week Mojo Daisy Series #3 Sketch; continuing to dig through cruise pictures from 6 years ago...

Honestly I did my interpretation on the sketch last week when it was posted but I don't really like the way it turned know good enough to put in an album but not really a 'display' piece :-/ anyways I was going to re-attempt the sketch with different photos but never had a chance - darn kids and laundry and other adult responsibilities :-P.  So I'll just have to go with this one:

I really love these photos which makes it more frustrating that the layout which should allow them to shine is just kind of whomp-whomp.  When I first saw the sketch I took it as a challenge to leave "white" space & that came out ok I suppose ... but the collage didn't come out correctly, somehow I had it the way I wanted it before I glued the pieces down but then I must have mixed up paper and/or photo placement somehow :-/.  You can't tell in the photo but the paper in the lower left corner is bluish-gold with orange accents to complement the other 3 collage patterns, colors reminiscent of the bright sun & clear waters in the Caribbean. 

I've been trying hard to experiment outside my comfort zone & be ok with [my perceived] imperfections; I think this layout shows that progress - it's not perfect; a year or so ago I would've torn  this up in frustration & then for weeks sat at my desk in fear of "messing up" again & "wasting" materials.  But I've learned to enjoy the process as much as the end & as long as it's for my personal albums I'm ok with these more lackluster attempts.  Besides #4 is just a few days away :-)