Monday, May 12, 2014

Daisy #3

Mid-Week Mojo Daisy Series #3 Sketch; continuing to dig through cruise pictures from 6 years ago...

Honestly I did my interpretation on the sketch last week when it was posted but I don't really like the way it turned know good enough to put in an album but not really a 'display' piece :-/ anyways I was going to re-attempt the sketch with different photos but never had a chance - darn kids and laundry and other adult responsibilities :-P.  So I'll just have to go with this one:

I really love these photos which makes it more frustrating that the layout which should allow them to shine is just kind of whomp-whomp.  When I first saw the sketch I took it as a challenge to leave "white" space & that came out ok I suppose ... but the collage didn't come out correctly, somehow I had it the way I wanted it before I glued the pieces down but then I must have mixed up paper and/or photo placement somehow :-/.  You can't tell in the photo but the paper in the lower left corner is bluish-gold with orange accents to complement the other 3 collage patterns, colors reminiscent of the bright sun & clear waters in the Caribbean. 

I've been trying hard to experiment outside my comfort zone & be ok with [my perceived] imperfections; I think this layout shows that progress - it's not perfect; a year or so ago I would've torn  this up in frustration & then for weeks sat at my desk in fear of "messing up" again & "wasting" materials.  But I've learned to enjoy the process as much as the end & as long as it's for my personal albums I'm ok with these more lackluster attempts.  Besides #4 is just a few days away :-)

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