Monday, July 28, 2014

Have time for a spot of tea?

Blogger Abi Beach over at Creating Paper Dreams  has a lovely tradition of "tea time posts".  The idea is quite simple, imagine your having a friend (or friends) over for afternoon tea & write about what you would discuss & do.  So in my continuing quest to improve my storytelling skills (& thus journaling) I decided I would try my hand at the idea (although since no one over their knows me from Adam & I (believe) ended up with egg on my face from last attempt to socially reach out I'm not going to linked up to her page).  If you have time, I highly recommend you look over at the 'original' post for some entertaining stories - after all credit, where credit is due!


Considering this is Florida and it's currently 93F out, I've made us a big carafe of iced tea to keep us cool as we sit out on the back porch & talk.  What? Yes of course it's unsweetened, you'll find none of that syrupy sweet Southern Iced Tea in this house!  What would be really  lovely is the slow-steeped sun tea that I grew up with but apparently that's now a health risk, so for safety's sake we'll stick to the traditional variety.  Oh & before I forget what afternoon tea would be complete without a sweet treat?  Please have a strawberry scone..or two ;-)  They're a little on the "too sweet" side with the icing but go perfectly with our iced tea.

It's so nice to just sit down & talk for awhile, this summer has gone by in a blur I can't believe it's almost time for school to start again!  If you're one of my "mom" friends we'll swap stories of preparing our kids for the school year & the funny questions they ask.  Memories will probably be swapped with my child -free friends because everyone has those school stories to tell.  No matter who you are, I'll probably talk your ear off about the stupidities of Common Core Curriculum & how politicians have no business sticking their nose in education (look how they mess up everything else!).  Thankfully you're a good friend & let me vent for a few minutes & then I'll return the favor & this to your commiserations.  Getting the prosaic out of the way we'll move on to more interesting topics like the adventures we've had or would have if time & money wasn't an issue.  

As we're talking the jets from Hurlburt & Eglin are flying overhead which leads me to telling you about my "baby" brother joining the Navy.  You laugh because my "baby" brother is 24 years old & 6'4" (as opposed to my diminutive 5'4" with shoes on!) but that's fine because he laughs at me too!  Isn't it funny how our younger siblings always remain the same in our minds as we grow older, to me he'll always be that little boy following me around calling out to "watchel" because he couldn't pronounce my name.  Let me tell you though -I couldn't be prouder of that man if I tried, he has had some tough times but he really seems to have his head on straight & going in a good direction.  I really think the Navy will be good for him, hopefully his follow on training will be in Pensacola so we can visit on the odd liberty weekend, after that I hope he gets the OCS slot he desperately wants.

Another glass?  Oh sure it's no problem at all, after all how often do we get together?  The discussion slowly turns to anticipation of fall & cool(er) weather; I'm thankful tourist season is almost over but not sure I'm quite ready for the school year to begin.  Even though Erin is doing dance this year it's still going to be insane with soccer (football ;-) taking up 3-4 days a week!  How is your fall shaping up?  Any new jobs, promotions or adventures on the horizon?  I can't wait to hear about it all :-)

Well now we've reached the bottom of the carafe, the scones are gone & poor Duncan is ready to escape the heat so I suppose it's time to say goodbye, I hope we can do this again soon!.

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