Friday, February 20, 2015

5 for Friday: Exploreum

Once upon a time there was a 3 day weekend thanks to Presidents' Day but it was WAY too windy to enjoy our regular activities & besides I desperately needed to do and go.  I was not made for this 9 yrs in one small (tourist) town gig!  We really wanted to go to Atlanta but had to use our Hilton Honors points for a hotel in March (long story) and my cousin wasn't going to be around anyways thanks to it also being Valentine's Day weekend.  So what to do? ...

Then I remembered we have a membership to our local science center entirely for this reason.  See it is the worst excuse for a "science" center I have ever seen in my life, a grade school science fair is far more interesting & informative, BUT you get reciprocal membership to hundreds of other (better) science centers!  So we packed up the kids and headed to the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

The only problem was we forgot to take into account it was also Mardi Gras Mobile the birthplace of Mardi maybe not our smartest move travel wise but totally worth it for the "It's a science center, YAY!!!!" exclamations upon arrival.  Yes my kids are geeks and yes I'm very proud :-D

Dillon: "Is this like Figment's [Journey to Imagination] lab?"
Erin: "Let's "ride" the coaster to get in & see!"

"Mom I can make the light bend around!"

She worked so hard on this set-up, determined to make that funnel connect to the other pipes ;-)

"Mom how long do I have to hang here like a monkey?"

This day trip was also a great break from my massive dig-out-the-study & (re)organize my supplies that I'm still in the middle of but hopefully I'll be done soon & back to crafty fun.  Have a good weekend!

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