Saturday, February 7, 2015

Five for Friday...make that Saturday ;-)

A lovely friend of mine, Emily, came up with the concept of "Five for Friday" 5 pictures (or any quintet really) that sums you right now.  Easy enough correct? - Well I keep seeing it & making a mental to do it but never seem to come back to it (haven't even commented on hers - fail!).  But I'm determined to do something productive today so here goes (all off my phone so quality isn't there at all):

#1 This is the first entry in a new project of mine which deserves a full post but I;ll just say that this is EXCITING because is the first thing I've done just for ME in YEARS

#2 My sweet, loyal pup :-D ... why does he look so exasperated? See #3

#3 Dillon has outgrown his Fisher-Price Wheelies & Hexbugs aren't quite exciting enough (he still loves them though) so John decided to get him a Hot Wheels track set.  Which is awesome & he LOVES it but it is LOUD.  Thankfully he loves it just as much without the "super charger" so we can disconnect that 95% of the time for quiet play.  (oh & I promise my son isn't naked here, he has shorts on & refused to put a shirt on if we were not going anywhere!)

#4 Recently while going through the Youtube videos covering CHA 2015 I saw a video of Wendy Vecchi (designer for Ranger) embossing metal which is a thought I've often had but could never get it to stick smoothly.  A few years I did custom metal mailboxes for Erin's pre-school valentines party but they were very difficult & amateur-ish (yes I realize by definition I am an amateur but still...).  So I abandoned the idea for awhile until now - 

This view is the answer to the equation: (Cold, windy, wet weather + asthmatic, pneumonia prone son) + post book fair exhaustion + Crohn's flare (that almost has me willing to go back to Dr) + sinus/ear infection - yeah fun times.  But at least my wonderful hubby gave me $50 to one of my favorite (online) craft stores for my birthday so I have lots of new things to play with.  Mostly it has just been play without any real product produced but I've found that it's just as fun (if not more) to have no end goal other then what will happen if__?  So hopefully I'll be more productive (& able to eat regularly)) soon but until then I'll just keep playing ;-)

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  1. Oh you are awesome! Thanks for the blog love, and for playing along!! Such a cute new project you have going on there! Enjoy it!!!