Friday, March 6, 2015

5 favorite crafty items EVER!!!

So I totally forgot it was Friday -nevermind what day I thought it was *sheepish* - because I've been caught in a crafty whirlwind this week, started with the study re-org and wow it just blow it up from there... So in honor of this I present my 5 favorite craft items of all time:

1. Faber- Castell Artist Pens:
These are my most recent additions (and are fantastic!) but I've been using these since high school when my mom brought [a black one] and some Faber-Castell colored pencils back from a business trip to Germany,  I've tried many different pens since then but I always come back to Faber-Castell because the colors is rich & true and they write on practically anything even paint!

2. Foam Dot Adhesive:
Since our stores around here are not particularly good at keeping things in stock I don't always buy the same brand of foam dots but when I can find them American Crafts makes the best version.  These little beauties are perfect for adding dimension to a card or layout without being overly bulky & since they're made of foam it doesn't matter if they get a little squished in a overstuffed album (not that I'd ever do that - oh no ;-) ).

3. Distress Products by Tim Holtz
Ok so I'm cheating a bit here but I couldn't possibly choose just one medium in the Distress Collection!  I became hooked by the markers years ago because with a wee wild one running around they were a simpler answer to watercolors but I soon discovered they were so much more then that [well that & real watercolors have there place too].  Beside being incredibly easy & non-intimidating to use and beside the fact that they react to water to create really cool effects & that all the mediums coordinate & work really well together...what's really important [to me at least] is the COLORS!!!!  And this year there's a new color every month & it's really hurting my budget but how could you resist this?!

4. My Mind's Eye Paper
Sure the buttons, brads, chipboard, ribbon etc are great too but the paper is always beautifully designed & a good weight to stand up to inking/ painting/ sanding.  MME was some of the first paper I picked up when I started "modern" scrapbooking and has remained a staple in my stash - I think I currently have 8 different collections, although Boy Crazy  is still my #1 pick especially for anything to do with a certain boy I'm crazy about (who in turn is crazy about robots ;-) )

5.  Silhouette Cameo
Mr. Cameo & I have our disagreements from time to time but that doesn't change what an absolute powerhouse it is, doesn't matter what idea pops into my head the cameo can help make it reality.  The only task I haven't had great success with it is designing/ making stanps but other then that it's absolutely amazing what it can do ( and so much better then my original Cricut 8 years ago!).  Seriously who would've all this could be done with one home-use, non- professional machine?!

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