Friday, March 13, 2015

Best laid plans of mice & men....

So for what it matters I have lots to talk about & share but the days keep slipping by & all of a sudden I find myself at Friday yet again - at least I knew it was Friday this week ;-).  At the minimum I want to keep "five for Friday" going but not at my computer tonight so I bring you 5 of my favorite pictures off John's tablet ...

Erin 4 years old displaying her best "Disney" face

Tori is just a strange cat ;-)

Erin 6 years old with her beloved Papa, I tell you these two have a relationship that is unequaled

Dillon 3 years old helping Dad clean up the soccer fields after game :-)

When John took over his promotion/new office he complained his walls were too Gare so like any good scrapper I made him a new photo display (with Teresa Collins Family Stories line & a 7 Gypsies tray)

Have a good Friday night!

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