Saturday, June 11, 2016

Stitch Fix #7

With our signature high humidity & temperatures rising well over 90F before lunch I was really looking forward to some comfy summer clothes in my June fix.  Alas, it wasn't meant to be :-(  My usual stylist, Suzanne, was on vacation so another one stepped in to cover her clients.  And to be fair I think this guest stylist did the best she could, I imagine it's hard to come in cold & try to be educated guesses.  I was slightly annoyed that while I specifically request casual clothes for the beach & playground I was sent 2 dresses & a long necklace - that might fly for a single woman in the city but not a mom of 3!

I see where the stylist was going with this top, it's lightweight & has a open lace back (above the shoulders).  However it was extremely baggy & shapeless on my frame and near see-through.  Also I didn't care for the odd ribbed texture & the color washed out my Irish skin.

I know chambray button ups are supposed to be a summer staple & this fabric was divine (ultra soft!) but buttons & my chest haven't gotten along since adolescence :-/.  While the buttons did technically close they gaped in between each one while the bottom was big around my waist/ lower torso.  I loved the fabric & polka dot so much that I thought I could wear it open over a tank top but unfortunately that looked ridiculous too.

Initially I thought this lace dress had potential but it was heavy & lace felt like the cheap variety you'd find on children's clothes.  The length & overall fit of the bottom was decent but the top had a very odd fit & didn't give me any shape.  With my jean jacket on it looked 100x better but since that's thoroughly impractical for FL summer it went back.

When I pulled this dress out of the box I was initially excited because it felt really light & has a cute boat print.  But I could not figure out what to do with the side bow, if I left it loose then I might as well have been wearing a bag but if I cinched it in then the top billowed out making me appear bigger.  The final nail in the coffin though was the neckline, it came all the way to my neck & felt suffocating no matter how much I tried to pull it down.

I like to wear layering necklaces for nice events so I thought that I could at least salvage my $20 stylist's fee with this & worst case gift it to someone else....But no this felt & looked so cheap (@ $34!!!) that I'd feel like a grinch gifting it & never wear it myself!.  And granted I'm short but this was so long it nearly reached my waist - with an 8mth old & 5 yr old no freaking way!  Worst for me was that the inner layer is these thin links that would not lie flat & straight for anything driving my OCD brain up a wall so back it went.

So I'm still without much summer wear but like I said can't be too mad at someone new cold picking items, we have all gone shopping for ourselves & left with nothing so meh it happens.  I went ahead and moved up next fix though so here's hoping it'll be better.  Overall I still think Stitch Fix is an awesome service & worth the occasional miss so if you'd like try for yourself you can go through my referral link & I'll get a small credit, thank you!

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