Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Stitch Fix Part I

Stitch Fix is an awesome company that takes the stress and drama out of clothes shopping. Their website probably does the best at explaining everything but basically you fill out a detailed style profile (also make a Pinterest board!), pay a $20 Stylist fee & they send you 5 items to try for 3 days after which you select which items to keep or send back.  The fee is automatically deducted from your total, if you keep all 5 get 25% off or ship it back for free.  If you'd like to try it for yourself, I'd appreciate you using my referral link & I'll get a small account credit (thank you!).

There are a lot of amazing bloggers who share their Fixes beautifully - I particularly like Erin @ Living in Yellow, Maria @ Crazy Together & Elif @ The Box Queen  - so I haven't even tried to compete with great set-ups like these.  Trust me you don't want to see my 8 yr olds attempts @ photgraphing me LOL! But Stitch Fix  provides such a wide range of styles that I figure might as well share what I receive & occassionally I might actually be wearing them ;-)

By and large the most common complaint against Stitch Fix I've read in blog-o-sphere is "it's not the cheapest way to fill a wardrobe".  If you're a devoted thrift store/ bargain shopper, they're prices might be above your comfort level.  You can set your price points ("cheaper the better", $50-100, $100-$150, $200+)  across all categories & they'll do their best to match them but all prices are MSRP and equivalent to what you'd find at the likes of J Crew.  If you purchase all 5 then you get 25% off everything which is a major perk (& pretty equivalent to standard sales).   And if you find the exact same item online for cheaper they'll match it.

Also ask yourself are you going for quality or quantity?  I've long since grown out of 'the $8 shirt "deal" that only lasts 2 months but you don't care because it was $8'! Also for me Target type clothing is notoriusly bad fitting and again don't last much more then a season.  And then there's the simple fact I.HATE.SHOPPING by that I mean it is my 7th circle of h***: bright lights, crowds of people, confusing layouts, inability to find sizes/colors, the small dressing rooms, intending to be helpful sales people commenting on your worst features...oh yeah then there's the 3 young kids I usually have with me - gives me a panic attack just thinking about it.  All of this is why this was my entire wardrobe 10+ yrs out of college & 3 kids later:

Do you see now why I love Stitch Fix?!

First I want to share my favorite item yet, I may or may not have literally squealed when I saw it in the box! Polka dots & soft comfy fabric? - oh yes please!

While they were down here, our parents watch the kids so we could see Captain America: Civil War & this made the perfect date night dress.  Our theater is always frigid so my denim jacket made the perfect complement to the dress.  Unfortunately this angle makes me look still pregnant but oh well :-P.  And oh let me show you the best part:

Yes an interesting & flattering back design that works with a standard bra! Can we say Hallelujah?!

My only real complaint about Stitch Fix is I seem to be right in the middle between a medium & large, since I prefer take "loose" over "form fit" I have my profile set to 12/ Large.  The above dress -while I LOVE it -is really loose fitting, probably could have exchanged it from a medium that would fit perfectly but you only get one exchange.  So if a medium had been too small I would've been stuck unable to wear (which would be awful!).  But now this next dress is also a large & a near perfect fit:

This one is a little on the short side & I generally prefer my skirts/ dresses to pull away rather then being (almost straight).  But the embroidery on the shoulders & bottom hem is GORGEOUS in person & the fabric is the perfectly weight for our humid coastal weather.  I really like how the sleeve/neckline helps to balance out my narrow shoulders & rather large chest.  Also until I received the polka dot dress this was my husband's favorite fix item ;-)

I'll share more of my keeper items in another post since this one is getting rather long ;-)

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