Thursday, June 2, 2016

Stitch Fix Part II

So yesterday I hopefully garnered your interest in Stitch Fix and showed 2 of my new favorite dresses that I've purchased from this amazing service.  As a follow-on here are my warm-weather spring/ summer items I've so far purchased:

I'm constantly begging my stylist, Suzanne, for breathable fabrics because summer coastal weather is not for the faint of heart.  Even when it does magically dip below the nineties, it's still 85%+ humidity yuck!  This top is 100% cotton, linen thin & has an open crochet back (above the bra line) - thus it is amazingly cool & comfortable no matter what.  And look at that beautiful embroidery!!  The only negative is it is tighter across the chest then I prefer & I've found that to be common to this brand Skies are Blue.  But an XL probably would've been huge because it's plenty big on bottom & the arm holes are nearly too big on my L.

This top is one I had pinned because I was intrigued by the ombre coloring & split back.  Turns out this too is 100% cotton and oh so comfortable!  It is more flowy then I generally prefer & not the most flattering from the front but again when you live in this climate you've got to make style sacrifices for comfort! The split back is really fun (especially to husband ;-) ) but still modest for the playground lol!

This is another that I pinned because as you've probably guessed I'm a sucker for embroidery but wasn't sure of the color or if it would be too "professional blouse" & not enough "domestic engineer" ;-).  The peachy-coral color is far more pretty in person & surprisingly flattering to my Irish skin!  Also it fits as a loose large, again could possibly do a medium but not sure enough to risk exchanging.  While it does seem to be made to wear with a skirt & layer under a blazer, it works perfectly well with casual shorts too.  I didn't notice until after check-out that it's 100% Polyester so it doesn't breathe at all, every single time I wear it I end up sticky & sweaty.  So for summer at least I reserve it for when I know I'll be indoors ;-)

One thing I love about Stitch Fix is that it introduces new-to-you brands, for instance my new favorite Kut from the Kloth.  These are their Elliott Cargo Shorts, fit me perfectly & love quasi-neutral olive green!  I've read on several other blogs that Stitch Fix must have a magical sizing system for pants & shorts because they seem to find well fitting bottoms when they can't be found *anywhere* else.  I have a naturally athletic/ muscular build (albeit now post-kid paunch) so shorts & jeans always fit in the waist/pelvis but tight in the thigh or fit in the thigh & gap in the waistband.  But not these!- how does that happen?!  Magic I tell you! Usually cargo pockets are the worst thing muscular or otherwise big thighs and yet somehow it works here.  Oh & did I mention they are wonderfully amazing COTTON no spandex?!

These are also by Kut from the Kloth but in a different style; a lighter weight fabric here which you'd think would be even more comfortable but that also means they skim every bump too.  But they do still fit in the waist & thigh (despite being tighter then the Elliott style) & since it's a linen-type look a bit dressier then their rugged Elliott cousin.  I kept them for the overall comfort (& my desperate need for shorts) but they do fall prey to my biggest pet peeve in clothing - trouser closure a.k.a hook & bar.  Thanks to awesome genes I'm barely past 30 & already have arthritis so trying to manipulate that little interior button is a (literal) pain & I never get the hooks on the first try.  Also since I have the standard post kid-paunch these type of closure never lay completely flat which isn't the most flattering (such first world problems :-P lol).

Have you enjoyed seeing these spring/ summer picks?  Have I convinced you to give Stitch Fix a try for yourself?  If you do decided to give it a try, I'd be very appreciative if you'd use my referral link & I'll get a small credit to my account at no cost to you!  Thanks & have a great day :-)

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