Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fix #8 & 9

I have to say that I feel a bit sorry for my Stitch Fix stylist, Suzanne, because she has a hard job in these long, hot summer months because I hate summer clothes.  They always seem to be either too loose & flowing or are skimpy & nearly skin tight - and don't get me started on shorts, if I could live in jeans & leggings year round I would!  But alas, it is not only over 90F (w/ humidity to match!) daily but I also overheat very easily so I have to embrace the summer styles.  Thus my request has been the same all summer: Colorful, fun clothes fit to run around the playground, pool deck, yacht club etc made of breathable, natural fabrics - and overall I think she's been nailing it.

Fix #9 - Style wise I think this was the best one yet even though I only kept one item, If money was no object I probably would've kept it all but we had several expenses pop up just before it arrived so I had to be picky :-P

- Urban Expressions Ivy Foldover Crossbody $48
I was excited when I first saw this thinking it was exactly what I asked for: smallish, crossbody strap, foldover flap kinda mimics a messenger & the love this color brown.  But the gold chain is a little off putting & it's not quite big enough to carry my bare necessities.  I could just fit my current book, wallet, phone & keys in but then it wouldn't close - and that's besides the other things we women think we need :-P.

While it wouldn't work as an everyday bag for me it was really cute, the perfect size for my frame & I loved the "vegan leather" so you get the look of leather without the upkeep or fear of getting wet (plus $48 is not a bad price either).  So then I thought I'd keep it as a "date/ nicer outing" bag when I wouldn't use carry everything but Mr. Kill joy my darling husband remind me that those occasions are...umm...pretty much never.  Back it had to go :-(

- Skies Are Blue Imperio Crochet Back Top $44
I have a love-hate relationship with Skies Are Blue brand, every single design of theirs that has been sent my way I have loved but I swear the designers have no bust at all because even large is usually tight.  (For reference I almost always wear a medium at Loft/ J Crew/ WHBM/ Target).  Unfortunately this top fits that mold perfectly, 100% breathable Rayon, pattern is cute & the back crochet detailing even more so but it barely fit over bust while fitting perfectly below (around torso).  I had to (gently) pull it over strapless bra but then afraid any wrong move would pop stitches.  Easily went over with a minimizer but then got an odd bunching at top that couldn't be smooth out (plus then bra straps taking away from the cute back!).  Husband thought it was cute enough to request an exchange for XL but I thought it would be huge around middle & besides I have never worn anything in my life an XL and not about to start now (yeah, yeah, yeah it's "just a number" not a determination of value; fit is more important then size; etc I know it all but ya know pride is pride)

- RD Style Arisbeth Crochet Trim Cotton Top $54
True to it's name this one is 100% cotton so blessedly light & breathable and it just might be the perfect white, summer shirt.  Initially I thought it was actually a little big but then decided that the looseness was just enough to prevent sticking everywhere.  I have already worn this with both shorts & a jean skirt - very cute either way - and can easily see it transitioning to fall with a jean or leather jacket or maybe even a sweater.  And with the $20 styling credit, $34 is a great price for something this versatile!

- Kut from the Kloth Corynne Boyfriend Short $68
I love that Suzanne stays on the lookout for button closures for me & also thought these would be a fun color.  I agree that the color is fun but I don't have a ton to pair with them, in a perfect world I would've kept them & bought more shirts to wear with them :-P.  But unfortunately at the time $68 was just too much to spend on a limited use item - even a perfectly fitting, amazingly comfortable item *sigh* adulting is no fun :/

-Papermoon Sarani Ribbon Detail Top $44
A year ago I would've completely walked past this top without even a look because stripes just were not my thing.  Somehow I thought they'd never work on my short, athletic frame but Stitch Fix is slowly turning me into a stripes lover. Pulling it out of the box I thought that the shoulder color blocking & ribbon detail would make me look boxy but it doesn't at all. Probably due to the 60/40 Poly/Rayon blend it has enough flow & swing to mimic a knit swing tank but is much lighter.  However the armholes (on large) were HUGE & the length was almost tunic-like on me.  I tried requesting a medium but it wasn't in stock so oh well.

Fix #8
- Seychelles Nifty Woven Flat $90
First the smell of this leather alone was almost enough to make me buy them & I could tell immediately that they were great quality & quite likely well worth the $90 price tag.  But they didn't fit well at all, too long in length & too narrow across the toe box.  Also while I appreciate the silver metallic color with jute rope detail as a versatile summer look that can go with a dress as easily as shorts & tee; I couldn't get past the overall style.  My aunts in their 60's & 70's wear shoes like this & just barely into my 30's I'm not ready to go down that road yet.

- THML Zaviera Spilt Neck Top $58

This is why I love Stitch Fix they send me things that not only had I never considered but never seen as well.  I loved the different-ness of this pattern & I know the tassels/ pom poms are on trend so why not give it a go.  But the fit was very odd, and I honestly I'm not even sure I had it adjusted correctly.  I pulled the strings until the top hem was just below my collarbone & the grey middle section was around my middle (under bust)  and the bottom hem hit at hip length - like this it was very voluminous and didn't seem to flatter at all.  The tassels would have never lasted around my kids so it would've been reserved as a special occasion shirt anyways so back it went. (100% Rayon by the way)

- Skies Are Blue Godfrey Crochet Detail Top $54
One of the seemingly few Skies Are Blue shirts that fit nicely all around!  This too is 100% Rayon (minus detailing) which makes it extraordinarily light & comfortable.  I was sold on the back pretty much immediately but I was completely sure about yellow *&* blue embroidery on an already busy (but pretty) background it just seemed like too much.  But the husband & kids talked me into & glad they did since it's become one of my absolute favorites! -Skies Are Blue Palvin Crochet Detail Top $54 

This has a really pretty but understated print & the red detailing makes it perfect for any patriotic event & in 100% Rayon you would stay nice & cool.  But while it seemed to fit across the front, the buttons pulled & gaped on the back - perhaps if the buttons had been on front & opened one or two it would've worked out better.  Again frustrating that like everything else with this brand, it fit perfectly across the bottom! -Kut From The Kloth Lonnie Distressed Boyfriend Short $68 
Kut From the Kloth & particularly this "Boyfriend" style fit well on me but I can't stand this distressing trend it should've been left in the 90's were it belonged because it just looks sloppy.  Also I thought the black was too dark for me & would be really hot in the sun so back they went. 
My last two fixes all wrapped up, with 2 shirts added to my minuscule wardrobe :-P.  If you'd like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, I'd appreciate you clicking my link & I'll get a small credit thank you!

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