Sunday, January 29, 2017

Crafty Goals

'Resolution' comes from the word 'Resoulute' which Merrim-Webster defines as: "a firm adherence to whatever one holds allegiance" or Google defines as "admirably purposeful, determined, unwavering" -- And this folks is why I don't like 'New Year Resolutions' because a few things always hold true: 1) They are inanely nebulous & open ended without any clear way to achieve e.g. "I will drink this caffeine" "I will finally get in shape" "I will finish more projects" 2) They seem to be more about proving yourself to others then helping yourself & 3) They take either exceptional self-control that most do not possess or make you neurotic as you constantly remind yourself "I can't do 'x' or I must do 'y' ".

Alternatively 'Goal' defined by Merrim-Webster "something you are trying to do or achieve" or Google as "the object of a person's aim or effort; a desired result" is much simpler to wrap one's head around and to actually achieve.  Maybe it's just the former athlete in me but I like to set new goals constantly as I achieve old ones; not just at the new year. Most of the goals I set for myself are clear-cut & self-explanatory "Finish reading & compiling notes on  Michael S Gazzinga's "Human" before switching tracks to the applications of discrete mathematics on cognitive science" [ yes that was a real one, already achieved & yes I really am that much of a geek :-P].  But every year I set a more long-term, resolution-like, nebulous, goal like this year "to be more free form in my creative endeavors" or as many artists I admire say to "just play & see what happens".  I know that I will not likely achieve this goal within a year [or possibly my lifetime given how structured/ perfectionist I am lol!] but that's ok it's a goal not a resolution.  I don't have to commit to being 'free form creative' every time I sit down to make something, I will still want projects to go & look a certain way and that's ok too.  As long as I give myself time to play 'loose & fancy free' and I make some strides towards being like the styles I admire then I've achieved something.

So in the past months I set out a few times to just put ink/ paint/ stencils/ paper/ stamps etc to paper & see what happens and most...well...isn't much to speak of...I find incredibly difficult to find that line between "art in the chaos" and good heavens this looks like my 15mth old did it!  Thus most of it has either ended up in the scrap bin or file 13 but at least I tried :-P.  But last week I finally came up with a background (that I turned into a card) and a card in 'free play' that I like the result of enough to keep and pass on (to my mom & grandma in this case). 

First here is the background I created with the full "You Matter" stamp from Simon Says Stamp on watercolor paper & then cut down to make a card front.  I started with the bloom stamp set (by Tim Holtz) in Black Soot Archival Ink and then masked it off before stamping 'You Matter' in Hickory Smoke, Black Soot & Pumice Stone Distress Ink sprayed with water.  Leaving the mask in place I sprayed Carved Pumpkin, Pickled Raspberry & Seedless Preserves Distress Stain & then more water. Heat set to dry, applied silver Texture Luxe through the Latticework stencil & then left to air dry.  The full 6 x 6 panel looked lopsided with the textured stencil at either corner but I like the effect of the white flower set in the colorful background so I cut it down to A-2 size & (I think) the corners balance out much nicer. 

** Entered at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge "Spread Your Wings" 

Another day I die-cut chipboard using the "Tea Time" dies by Sizzix and tried different mediums on them.  This one is the simplest of all but reminded me of Alice in Wonderland (one of my mom's favorites) so I made it into a wonky Wonderland inspired card for her.

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  1. Gorgeous card! Love the silver embossing! thanks for joining us this week on Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog! Barbara